The easyC™ GUI is very well suited to its target audience.  If you've been happy with it and it works for you, there probably isn't a strong need for you to even look at this page.  That said, *I* am not its target audience and you may not be either :-)  If you like using a text editor more than a mouse or you just like having full access to all the capabilities of your compiler, this information will be a great help to you.

First, you'll want to extract your sources from within easyC.  To do this, open up the easyC interface and the project(s) you want to extract.   Execute the build step so easyC will create your source files.  Copy the <proj>.c and <proj>io.c files to your new working directory from the <easyC install dir>/Vex directory.  Repeat as necessary for all projects to be extracted.

Next, you need to be able to build your new projects.  Start by getting one of these makefiles:  JGarber's or's.  Modify the makefile to incorporate your projects and customize them to your particular install environment.  (You may want to move your easyC install into something like c:/easyC to avoid problems with spaces in the directory name and long file names.)  Both makefiles have useful comments you should look at.  JGarber's also has a few of the iLoader.exe command switches to automatically download hex files to your controller.

If you are an Eclipse user, the makefile can be installed into a standard make project and your source files can be directly imported.  If you're also a vi user, check out the viplugin for Eclipse.